Sell Your House And Rent It Back Avoid Foreclosure

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Are unpaid bills, medical expenses or lack of employment, or a cut in your wages threatening your home with repossession and foreclosure Due to circumstances beyond their control, losing one’s home happens to even the best, most hardworking people. With more homeowners in greater debt than ever before, the rate of residential property repossessions and foreclosures is skyrocketing.

If the thought of leaving your domicile panics you to your very core, one possibility does exist foreclosure and removal may be avoided if you can find a buyer that is willing to purchase then rent the property back to you.

Here is how it works contact a repossession rental specialist, who can stop repossession proceedings, then help you Eliminate debt problems by selling house for cash in days. You can use this instant cash to pay off your debts and become financially solvent while remaining in your home and paying a single low monthly rent payment to the repossession rental specialist company.

When you get your life back on track, you can simply call the company and they will arrange to let you re-purchase your home. The purchase price can be fixed before you even begin so you can be sure of what price you’re going to get. There are no taxes, fees, or annual percentage rates to worry about either. Just pay the rent, and when you are ready, you can re-purchase your property.

You can sell your house and rent it back! It may sound to good to be true, but it isn’t. Consider the details, you are only letting the repossession specialist borrow your loan fora designated period of time. When you’re ready to have it back, it’s yours again. The company earns a profit from your monthly rent payment. You get the gift of time to get back on your feet, free from debt. This is a win-win situation and everyone is a winner.

A popular alternative to repossession may be available. By contacting a repossession rental specialist, find out how you can remain in your home and live a debt-free lifestyle. With proper motivation, you can get your finances in order and save your home from certain disaster or foreclosure. One option available is to sell your house and rent it from the new owners.

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